Thyroid disorders



What is "thyroid"?

   “Thyroid” is a gland in the neck and it makes thyroid  hormone. Thyroid hormone is very important for babies and kids, being one of two most important hormones for growth. It mainly controls how the body uses energy.



   the term that we use when a person does not make enough thyroid hormone

   the term that we use when a person makes too much thyroid hormone

  •   Those are both important and serious conditions for kids...


   Newborn baby with HYPOthyroidism

  •    Babies can be born with HYPOthyroidism (congenital hypothyroidism). This is a serious condition because it causes the baby to have too little thyroid hormone. This could result in growth failure and mental retardation if remains untreated. On the other hand, its treatment is very easy comparing the seriousness of the condition.


     What are the symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism?

  • Most babies may have no symptoms.
  • May be less active than other babies.
  • May have slow movements.
  • May have a hoarse-sounding cry.  
  • May have eating problems.  
  • May have constipation.
  • May have unusual appearance (large tongue, large soft spots on the head,
  • May have dry skin.
  • May be very cold.
  • May have jaundice.

         Talk to your doctor if your baby has any of those symptoms.


  Older kids with hypothyroidism

   School age children may have hypothyroidism too. In this case, your child may have learning problems, short stature, constipation, dry skin. Talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your kid's growth or decreased school success.