You may make an appointment calling us at 312-235-1680. Please do not hesitate to use cell phone to make an appointment if you need to ! We would like to know the appointment changes at least 6 hours before the visit. Your help is important to us as well as other people that we could not make an appointment because of a full schedule. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




Making an endocrine appointment...



   We will request you to bring all the information about your child's past medical history with you, especially height and weight measurements. Because, hormonal problems may affect all organ systems and are closely related to a child's growth and development. You may have them faxed to our fax number at 0-312-235-1681 directly. On the other hand, the documents such as growth charts or X-rays should be brought with you.

   Please do not forget bringing all the information with you so that we can help your child better.