Early Puberty





   What is early puberty? 

   Early puberty is when a child’s body starts changing to become an adult at a much younger age than normal. Puberty is considered "early" if it starts before age 8 in girls and age 9 in boys.





   What is the first sign of puberty?

 Girls: A breast bud may be seen or the breasts get bigger.

 Boys: The testicles get bigger. Your doctor may measure them.



   Will my child need tests?

 Maybe yes, Maybe no :) ...


     Your doctor will first talk with you and your child, and do an exam. Depending on the result of this first visit, she/he might decide to do labs and / or X-rays.                                                                            




   How is early puberty treated? Or "should it be treated"?


   Treatment depends on those factors if he / she is diagnosed with "early puberty":

  • Your child’s age
  • The cause of the early puberty
  • How fast the puberty is progressing



   How can I do my best to help my child?

    Some children who go through early puberty can have a hard time fitting in because of comparing their bodies with other children their age. They may even have some physchological problems. You can point out your child’s strengths (such as school performance, voice, or success in football, etc.)  instead of focusing on his/her body changes. This would help her/him feel good about herself/himself in this difficult process.