Sick child



Here you will find some tips for the care of a sick child....:)






   What is fever?

  • Rectal or ear temperature: 38.0° C (100.4 F°) or higher

  • Oral or pacifier temperature: 37.8° C (100° F) or higher

  • Under the arm (axillary) temperature: 37.5° C (99° F) or higher

   How should we take the temperature?

  • Attention: Ear (tympanic membrane) temperatures are not always reliable.

  • An armpit temperature is the safest and should be preferred at home.

  • After making sure the armpit is dry, put the tip of the thermometer under the patient’s arm. Hold the elbow against the chest to keep the tip there for at least 3 minutes.



  • Do not forget to check if your kid has any rash when he/she has fever !