What is pediatric endocrinology?


What is pediatric endocrinology?



   Pediatric Endocrinology is the science that deal with children who have problems with growth, puberty, diabetes, or other disorders related to the hormones. Hormones are the chemicals that affect how other parts of the body work. Pediatric endocrinologists deal with hormonal disorders at all ages of childhood and adolescence. 

    Kids are not just "small adults". Therefore, their endocrine problems are often quite different from those commonly seen by endocrinologists who care for adults. Special training in pediatric conditions is important in this branch of medicine. Because, pediatric conditions are related to growth and development. Besides, children have special pschological needs related to their childhood stage. Pediatric endocrinologists have extensive training and expertise in dealing with hormonal disorders of childhood and adolescence.



What kind of training do pediatric endocrinologists have? 


  • Six years of university education

  • Four to five years of pediatric residency training

  • Three or more years of fellowship training in pediatric endocrinology


What types of treatment do pediatric endocrinologists provide for the kids?


   Pediatric endocrinologists diagnose and manage the following hormonal disorders: